Acute Complex

Care Course

A 6 day intensive course

Credit approval with Griffith, LaTrobe and QUT

Domestic Undergraduate

Course Date: 28th Oct - 2nd Nov 2024

Time: 0900hrs-1700hrs

Location: Southport Community Centre

                Gold Coast

Exam date: 7th Dec 2024*

CPD Points  - 45 points

Acute Complex Care Course

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Domestic Undergraduate Student

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An excellent course for undergraduate and postgraduate health professional students!

  • Increase your confidence in managing complex patients
  • Course credit (elective course) approval Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Griffith University (GU) in the undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing programs (refer to credit information).
  • Includes an accredited Adult Advanced Life Support (ALS) Certification Course (Australian College of Nursing;) for RNs and Principles of ALS for UGs
  • Eligible for 45 continuing professional development points (CPD) for national registration requirements
  • Intensive mode delivery (6 Days)
  • Gain greater knowledge and confidence in managing critical situations during a cardiac arrest
  • Improve your understanding of pneumothorax and underwater seal chest drainage systems
  • Learn about Acute Coronary Syndrome: STEACS and NSTEACS and basic 12 lead ECG interpretation
  • Strengthen your knowledge about life threatening cardiac arrhythmias
  • Interpret and analyse ABGs and how these relate to your patient’s condition
  • Learn to read chest x-rays for different acute conditions
  • Learn more about acute respiratory distress and assessment
  • Increase your awareness about patient safety and adverse events and the importance of accurate clinical assessment
  • Strengthen your neurological assessment and understanding of the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)
  • Learn more about acute abdominal assessment

Enjoy learning with expert clinical nurse educators who provide a friendly and supportive teaching and learning environment that will assist you to increase your knowledge and confidence in managing complex patients.

Options for assessment levels: professional development only; undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Topics include

  • Assessment skills for the clinically unwell patient
  • Includes Adult Advanced Life Support Course
  • Critical Techniques in Cardiac Arrest
  • Understanding pneumothorax and underwater seal drains
  • Acute Coronary Syndromes
  • Non Cardiac Killer Chest Pain
  • Arrhythmias you thought you knew
  • Analysing blood gases, simply
  • Dealing with Acute Respiratory Distress
  • Undertaking the respiratory assessment - more than just RR
  • CXR interpretation
  • Getting your head around neurological assessment
  • Abdominal assessment in the unwell patient
  •   and much more...


        Bachelor of Nursing (BN) Students (Domestic and International)

        Diploma of Nursing Students**,

        RNs & EN’s


This course receives the following course credit transfer and accreditation.

QUT (12CP) & Griffith (10CP): Universities: Approved for one course/subject credit transfer in the Bachelor of Nursing QUT & GU programs (Assessment Stream only).

GU Postgraduate: 10CP, La Trobe University Melbourne Post Graduate - 1 subject credit

Please contact us if you with to discuss the credit articulation process.

Adult Advanced Life Support Certification Course accreditations for RNs completing the course:

                 Australian College of Nursing (ACN)

**Please contact us to discuss the credit application with other universities **


  • The course is delivered in intensive mode , which is equivalent to a 12CP or 10CP (one semester) tertiary course in teaching and study time
  • Direct “face to face” teaching by highly experienced nurse educators
  • A very clinically relevant course
  • All course notes and resources provided
  • “Hands on” practical teaching for ALS and assessment skills
  • ALS Certification Course (Accredited & Endorsed Course) for RNs and Principles of ALS for UGs
  • Eligible for 45 CPD points
  • Grading transcript/certificate for credit application into under-graduate and post graduate tertiary programs


The course is offered using multiple assessment streams to provide the best opportunity for students to access credit into other formal tertiary health care programs. Students can choose from three levels of assessment.

Non– Assessment Stream:

1. Professional Development: Attendance Only

Assessment Stream (Tertiary Standard):

1.Bachelor Level

2.Masters Level  (RN’s only)

ALS Practical Day

**Please Note: Students will be allocated specific groups for the ALS practical component of the course. In the event of large enrolment numbers, students may be allocated to either an early start: 0730 hours or a later finish 1730 hours on the day of their prac group. Depending on enrolment numbers, it may also be necessary to allocate a small number of prac groups to the Sunday of the study week. If you attend this Sunday group, you do not attend any other ALS prac day during the week. These possible changes will be discussed on the first day of the course.

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