Our Upcoming Workshops for 2024

Acute Complex Care Course 

        Gold Coast 30th Oct - 4th Nov 2023 SOLD OUT

        Gold Coast 29th Jan - 3rd Feb 2024

        TBA 17th June - 22nd June 2024

        Gold Coast 28th Oct - 2nd Nov 2024

Essentials of Emergency Nursing: A workshop for Practice Nurses

        Brisbane 21st/22nd March 2024

        Melbourne 22nd/23rd Aug 2024

        Adelaide 24th/25th Oct 2024


Essentials of Emergency Nursing: A workshop for School Nurses

        Melbourne 2nd/3rd May 2024

        Adelaide 8th/9th Aug 2024

        Perth 10th/11th Oct 2024       

Care of the Crashing ED Patient

        Brisbane 18th Aug 2023 SOLD OUT

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course

        Gold Coast  13th/14th Sept 2023 SOLD OUT

Intubation and Ventilation Workshop for ED Nurses

            Melbourne 20th Oct 2023 SOLD OUT

           Brisbane 24th Nov 2023 SOLD OUT

Hands On Procedure and Dissection Lab

        Brisbane 23rd Nov 2023 SOLD OUT

Combo -Dissection Lab/Intubation and ventilation workshop

        Brisbane 23rd/24th Nov 2023 SOLD OUT



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